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She co-wrote the song with Bonnie McKee and its producers Dr. Luke , Max Martin , and Cirkut. Critics, as well as Perry herself, have compared the track to the music of Prince and Mariah Carey. Through double entendres in the lyrics of "Birthday", Perry makes sexual references while celebrating a partner's birthday. Capitol Records sent the track to mainstream and rhythmic radio on April 21, as the album's fourth single.

A music video for the track was released on April 24, Primarily recorded with hidden cameras, it features Perry disguised as five different characters in birthday parties and other celebrations. The makeup effects disguises for Perry were designed and created by Tony Gardner. Luke , and Max Martin. The latter three produced the song and contributed to the instrumentation and programmed their respective instruments. The song surfaced online on October 16, —two days prior to the official release of Prism. The art is based on a photograph, taken during a birthday party circa , in which a blonde Perry and her sister Angela Hudson smile toward the camera; "puffy" letter balloons were " photoshopped " onto the cover to spell out Perry's name.

The song title appears in candles over a floral cake. It depicts a variety of cakes and sweets—among other confections—decorated with the song's lyrics and concludes with Perry lighting the last candle of a cake. At the length of three minutes and thirty-five seconds , [7] "Birthday" is primarily styled in the genre of disco. AllMusic 's Stephen Thomas Erlewine and Kitty Empire from The Guardian called "Birthday" one of the best tracks from Prism : Erlewine described it as a "glorious retro-disco explosion" and Empire found a "girly simpatico" in the song that sustains it.

Club felt the track was "pure fun". He also felt it was the song with the "most smash potential" included in Prism.

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Jon Dolan from Rolling Stone noted that the "sunny effervescence" from Teenage Dream was present on the song. Upon the release of Prism , due to strong digital download sales, "Birthday" charted on the singles charts in France and South Korea. Before being released as a single, the song debuted on the Billboard Hot chart of April 16, , at number The following week, it went from 83 to They consisted of a burlesque -like elderly woman named Goldie, a Jewish master of ceremonies named Yosef Shulem, a clown named Kriss, an animal trainer named Ace, and a face-painter named Princess Mandee.

The parties that Perry attended were real, and its participants were unaware of Perry's presence; the organizers believed they had signed up to star in a reality show called "Birthday Blowouts". At a child's birthday party, Kriss the Clown attempts to create balloon animals, while Ace the Animal Trainer introduces a group of children to a box of mice before appearing to eat one, which makes a child cry.

At another child's party, Princess Mandee paints a girl's face incompetently; Goldie begins to suffer from respiratory problems, and Yosef does the worm at a boy's Bar Mitzvah. Goldie pulls a man's prosthetic leg off and proceeds to play air guitar with it, and Kriss crashes into a table before drinking alcohol behind a tree. At the elderly man's party, Goldie collapses and a woman tries to use a defibrillator on her.

At the petting cage, Ace lets a goat run wild which defecates and urinates on the ground; meanwhile Goldie drops a birthday cake on the year-old man, Yosef is then shown beatboxing at the Bar Mitzvah to the disapproval of the guests. Princess Mandee takes off her hat, wig and mask and reveals herself to be Perry, to which the children scream in pleasure.

Goldie eats cake with the elderly man, before straddling him on his wheelchair.

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At the end of the song, Princess Mandee and the children say "happy birthday" to the camera. During the credits, Perry's five alter-egos dance and lip-sync to a remixed version of the song. Christina Garibaldi of MTV News wrote that Perry "continues to top herself" with the video and billed the video's "approach" as "creative, fun and pretty hysterical". He noted that Perry had already been the center of controversy due to being dressed as a geisha for a performance of " Unconditionally ", and questioned her decision to portray Yosef.

At the Billboard Music Awards via a pre-recorded performance, the single was promoted for the first time. Song credits adapted from the liner notes of Prism , Capitol Records. Credits of the video production adapted from the visual. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Radio digital download. Luke Max Martin Cirkut. Luke — instruments and programming, songwriting, production Max Martin — instruments and programming, songwriting, production Cirkut — instruments and programming, songwriting, production Steven Wolf — drums Lenny Pickett — horn arrangement Dave O'Donnell — horns engineer Bonnie McKee — songwriting Serban Ghenea — mixing Peter Carlsson — engineering Clint Gibbs — engineering Sam Holland — engineering Michael Illbert — engineering John Hanes — mixing engineer.

Estrella — first assistant director Jimmy Ramirez — second assistant director Mike Scheneir — camera operator Heather Brown — camera operator Christian Meola — swing Matt Conrad — camera technician Stuart Hammond — camera technician Jonathan Dec — clapper loader Steve Pennel — art coordinator Jamie Klasfeld — party supervisor Tony Bollas — sound Tracy Mills — video tape recorder Carrie La — location manager Stephen Kardell — location manager Rony Alwin — still photographer Alex Cruz — production assistant Petra Westen — production assistant Mario Valladares — production assistant Kristin Guinn — production assistant Breece Wilson — production assistant Tony Alvarez — production assistant Matt Hudson — production assistant Deeter Lota — production assistant Anthony Ortiz — production assistant Hank Hartnell — production assistant Henry Arres — production assistant.

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United States: Capitol Records. Retrieved December 7, Viacom Media Networks. Retrieved April 4, Global Radio ; Communicorp. April 4, MTV News. The birthday calculator will tell you which famous people share your birthday with you. Featured below is a short list of some of the famous people who have birthdays today, Wednesday 9th October.

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How Big Is An Acre? Days Between Dates Days Until Hill and Patty Smith Hill. The song was called Good Morning to All , but bore the recognizable melody. The tune was first published in in the book Song Stories for the Kindergarten. The melody has since passed into the public domain, and is safe to hum in public without permission.

While it is not entirely clear who first wrote down the words for Happy Birthday , it showed up in a few places before Jessica Hill another Hill sister was able to demonstrate undeniable similarities between Good Morning to All and Happy Birthday and to secure the copyright to the song. Working with the Clayton F. While the copyright should have expired in , copyright has been extended repeatedly over the last quarter of the twentieth century and the copyright for Happy Birthday is now not due to expire until at least The Clayton F.

Summy Company is no longer independent, but, through a chain of purchases, the copyright for Happy Birthday To You lies securely in the hands of the Time Warner company.

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For more information on the history of the tune, lyrics, and copyright status, check out these resources:. Update: This article by law professor Robert Brauneis has raised some important questions about the history of Happy Birthday. Until we hear a judge rule on Brauneis's suggestions, we'll continue to give Warner and the market the benefit of the doubt. But keep in mind: "indirect commercial advantage" is very broad.

Courts have found that restaurants, camps, and other venues benefit indirectly from performances of songs like Happy Birthday. Unless the song has been licensed in these situations, it's infringement.